18 February 2010

The gatehouse for Tjolöholm Castle in Sweden

Click to enlarge photo. Original source of photo (and location of house) unknown.  I think the design would look great overlooking a lake in northern Minnesota.

Reposted from August 2009 with this addendum:  Continuing the tradition that someone visiting this board will have an answer to every question I pose, "anonymous" has offered not only an identification, but reports that he has slept in the house!

This is the gatehouse ("grindstugan") for Tjolöholm Castle in Sweden.  Photos of the front of the house here and here

More pix (and apparently rental information) here.


  1. That looks like the cabin near the castle of tjolöholm in sweden. Me and my wife slept there after our wedding, really nice.


  2. Wow. Enchanting. It's straight out of a fairy tale!

  3. see here:

  4. Vous pouvez lire le livre de Eva-Marie Liffner "le rêveur et la peine" (traduit du suédois, sur le château, la maison du gardien (celle de votre photo) dans une narration complexe et insaisissable qui reflète bien le caractère du lieu... Je suppose qu'il est traduit en anglais,
    Bonne lecture!

    1. "You can read the book by Eva-Marie Liffner "the dreamer and the sentence" (translated from Swedish), about the castle, the caretaker's house (the one in your photo) in a complex and elusive narrative that reflects the character of the place. I guess .. it is translated into English,
      Happy reading!"

      (via Google Translate, with probably some errors)

    2. Located it at Amazon:


      They translate it as "The Dreamer and the Pain."


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