17 February 2010

What the internet knows about me (and you...)

Hat tip to J-Walk for posting the link to What The Internet Knows About You.  When you go to the link, it will check your browser history and display what websites you have recently visited.  Also bank websites, social networks, dating sties, XXX websites.  If this site can do it, then anyone else can get the same information about your browsing.

It also offers solutions, some of them much simpler than the usual recommendation to use a proxy.  For example - " If you configure your browser to not keep any browsing history, no-one will be able to detect which sites you visited. You can do so in Firefox by..."


  1. I just went there and found that I had been to three sites I've never visited, one site I last visited more than a year ago, two sites I have visited once in the last six months and three sites that I actually visited this month.


  2. Officially Clean. Nothing to report. Perhaps my obsessive CCleaner and CleanAfterMe has something to do with that...

  3. Like the Dodger, I found many of the websites to be ones that I have not visited in a very long time. It may be tracking me but it doesn't seem to be doing a very good job.


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