25 February 2010

Advertisement for an optometrist

"To book an eye exam, call..."

Advertising Agency: Canvas, Cape Town, South Africa.  Creative Director: Michael Ipp.  Art Director: Tim Church.  Copywriter: Jacques Laubscher.  Retoucher: Still images, Cape Town.

Found at Ads of the World, via Sloth Unleashed.


  1. I don't think he needs glasses, I think he knows very well what he has.
    Le Loup.

  2. Loup;

    Maybe the glasses are for her?

  3. DrBris. Yes I did realise that that was the point of the add, but it is rather like pointing the finger at fat people in other adds. I dislike the suggestion that someone is not a nice person because they are either fat or ugly or look weird.
    Regards, Le Loup.


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