18 February 2010

12th-century hairstyles

From the Dictionnaire raisonné du mobilier français de l’époque carlovingienne à la Renaissance (Reasoned dictionary of French furniture from the Carolingian era to the Renaissance), vol. 3 by E. Viollet-Le-Duc. Paris, 1874, which can be browsed at the Internet Archive, and which appears to have lots more neat stuff in it.

Via Old Book Illustrations.

Wow. After posting the above, I went back and clicked through 350 pages of this book.  It's an incredible repository of period information (wish I could read French).  Here are some additional illustrations of ladies hairstyles, but the book also covers other fashion from sandals to codpiecees to crowns.  And it's just volume three of a set.


  1. Now you see why getting a lady ready for the evening meal or ball could be an all day event!

  2. Wooww... The queen styles I should say... I donno if there is anyone is interested in carrying off with these styles. :) Hell lot of work to get this style..

  3. Loved this article..stunning pictures here..really amazed me.
    Thank for sharing. ..vivid memories indeed..


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