20 February 2010


"...the Japanese Spider Crab has a body the size of a basketball and its legs can straddle a car. They will eventually measure a massive 15ft...  The crab, called Macrocheira kaempferi in Latin, was caught by fishermen in the Pacific Ocean and has now been imported to Britain where it has gone on display at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.
Via The Conservation Report.


  1. Holy crap that is one big crab!
    Anna :)

  2. I'm just glad to hear that it has gone on display instead of in the pot of someone seeking a novelty!

  3. I've seen crabs like that at the aquarium in Osaka, Japan. They are absolutely marvelous, spooky, alien creatures, moving ever so slowly and often resting their legs on the shells of other crabs.


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