28 February 2010

A rant by someone who expresses himself well

Could we start by passing a resolution ordering the Transportation Security Administration to immediately cease the PA announcements in airports warning people against accepting packages from persons unknown to carry aboard an aircraft?  This is an insult to the American traveler. It's like telling people to please not approach the security checkpoint at a fast trot while yelling "Allah is great." People know not to do this. If they are likely to accept a box from a stranger who wants them to carry it to Denver and mail it, then they should not be traveling around unescorted...

Our health-care system could be fixed by smart public-spirited people in a weekend, but in our current democracy it is very hard to budge the blockade, and things may need to get much worse and Republicans boosted back into power and they can propose the very same legislation they are adamantly opposed to now and the system will change a little bit...

When you've driven the car into the swamp -- up to our eyeballs in debt, fighting two wars in behalf of shaky regimes, trying to keep a lid on Iran, Congress in a frozen stupor -- and then you throw mudballs at the tow-truck driver, you are betting on the electorate having the memory of a guppy. You can parade up and down stark naked and pretend it's very fine silk and fool a lot of people, but eventually word will get around.

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  1. They don't express themselves very well - at least I think. Solving the medical cost problem isn't easy and I doubt anyone could do it in a weekend. Also, thinking that there aren't people stupid enough to accept a gift from a stranger at the airport - "Hey you just won this free radio for having Kansas license plates!!!" is wrong. Thinking people are smart despite all the evidence to the contrary isn't a sign of clear thinking.

    The no gifts thing is a waste of time though - that particular issue arose because some ass clown gave his pregnant wife a radio with a bomb in it to take to Israel (he was Jordanian, she was English as I recall) - bet their kid is messed up.


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