11 February 2010

A real-life triffid

That's what it looks like to me.  This conifer (at the magnificent Bryce Canyon) apparently started life in a soil that over the decades has gradually eroded away, leaving it with an ambulatory appearance.

Via Titam.


  1. I was hoping for snow pictures!!
    also, walking trees: where can I get one?

  2. Believe me, the last thing I want to see/post is more snow pix. The next pix from our yard will be the first spring flowers - the sooner, the better.

  3. Makes me think of the trees in Lord of the Rings . . .

  4. My dear man - I think it is time to retire the "I" from the end of the title of your blog. I feel like I have been looking at this real-life triffid for a week.

  5. I've gone one day without blogging. Sorry to disappoint you. I have other things to do with my life.


  6. I'm sure you do - and I apologize for my impatience. I keep coming back to your blog for the uncommonly high quality of your posts. A while back, I vowed to never return because of the post with the video of the Chinese (?) man cut in half after being run over by a tank - and I didn't come back for a few months... But in the end I couldn't resist. Keep up the excellent work and enjoy the other things in your life. (Incedentally, I still feel very strongly about that video as well as others of real-life violent tragedies ending in death. Case in point: the continuous replay of the death of the Georgian luger along with close-ups of his face after impact. This person was a beloved part of someone's life and as a nursing student and a fellow human I can't help but find it thoughtless, selfish and disrespectful to display these intensely personal moments to garner hits/viewers {same goes for the man in the video you posted.}

    Nevertheless, thanks again.



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