17 February 2010

Smallest. Carnival. Costume. Ever.

I'll leave this photo "below the fold" for the sake of the more sensitive visitors.
Rio carnival’s smallest g-string has cost its wearer and samba team vital points.

Sao Clemente group were deducted points at the Rio de Janeiro carnival yesterday, for breaking a rule “preventing the presentation of people displaying their genitalia, decorated and/or painted.”

Model Viviane Castro was entirely naked except for a 4cm (1.6inch) patch covering her modesty believed to be the smallest in Rio history.

The carnival queen danced with the miniscule ‘sex cover’ glued to her rather than being held by a string during her group’s 80 minute parade.
If/when you view the photo, note that the maracas have been superimposed on the original photo (which can be located with a Google Image search, btw...)

There is also an uncensored video, which is NSFW (unless you work in a strip club).

Addendum:  There is a fantastic photoset of pictures of Carnival at The Big Picture.  I'd like to embed a half-dozen here, but you might as well enjoy them at the original site.  (These are all SFW).


  1. http://www.xvideos.com/video11247/brazil_carnival_2008_behind_the_scenes%3A_sex_fantasy_

  2. Someone has to say it...nice maracas.

  3. was in Carnival, had a camera and was mistaken for foeign press and given full access to the parade. Wildest. Night. Ever. lol.

  4. Yeah, M. I'm sure that's what we all noticed: her hair...


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