14 February 2013

When St. Louis was "capital of the 49th state"

Yesterday was World Radio Day, as I learned (appropriately) while listening to NPR in the car while running errands.

That announcement reminded me of an item I recently received.  Mixed in with a group of "radio reception stamps" was this small label-type item made of "gum-backed foil," heralding radio station KMOX as "The Voice of St. Louis."  KMOX signed on the airwaves on December 24, 1925. (The "X" was because the date was"X"mas Eve).  A few years later the station gave prominent coverage to Lindbergh's transatlantic flight in the Spirit of St. Louis.

I thought the label was interesting because the station's motto was "Capital of the 49th state" at a time when there were only 48 states, implying their nation-wide reach.

This isn't something I collect, so I sold it on eBay last week for $11.   A curious little bit of history.  Radio reception/verification stamps might be worth blogging.  Maybe tomorrow.

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