08 February 2013

The "Kidz breakfast"

It's called that because it weighs the same as a small child.
Consisting of a dozen sausages, 12 bacon rashers and enough eggs to be produced from a coop of chickens in a week, Jesters Diner's fry-up in Great Yarmouth contains more than 6,000 calories and weighs in at 9lb (4.08kg).

But despite hundreds being sold after it was first put on the menu 18 months ago, only one person has managed to eat "the baby". 
The restaurant "invites contestants to eat the breakfast in 60 minutes, with no additional help, to get it free of charge.  Its price if you fail is £15."  The restaurant acknowledges that offering it is a stunt: "It is what it is. It was done as a laugh and 99% of the population understands that." 

The other 1% want it banned.  I would think you'd take five friends and divvy it up for breakfast.

Story at the BBCVideo here.


  1. I'm still trying to identify a couple of the items on the plate. I presume the back discs are blood pudding/sausage, but what on Earth are those red blobs? Canned tomatoes?

    1. sorry! "black discs"

    2. I just visited their website and downloaded the pdf of their menu. The breakfast has 12 bacon, 12 sausage, sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, 4 black puddings, 4 bread and butter, 6 eggs, 2 hash browns, beans, tomatoes, 4 toast and 4 fried bread.

    3. Thanks Stan - always the dedicated researcher.
      Boy, talk about heart attack on a plate!
      I do love my black pudding, though....
      Wanted to make my own a few years back, but couldn't buy any blood for love nor money. I was told it was because of gov't regulations - they're not allowed to sell it where I live. :-(

  2. >> I would think you'd take five friends and divvy it up for breakfast

    Not if you knew what those sausages were made of. English sausage=ew!

    And I like English food in general. I'll take a fry-up, but give those links to the dogs.

    1. And after I read their menu I realized they don't allow the meal to be shared.

  3. In addition to its Sunday popularity, The Bistro was also famous for something called the Skip’s Scramble. An egg dish that contained everything on the menu. Don’t order the Skip’s Scramble.


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