26 February 2013

The Columbia River basin

What a beautiful map!  (click for bigger - but go to the source link for maximum size viewing)

Source credit in microprint at the bottom says "Developed for the exhibit River of Memory The Everlasting Columbia 2006-2008 by the King County GIS Center.  Copyright 2006 Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center, Wenatchee, Washington."

Via Fuck Yeah Cartography!


  1. The Columbia River Basin is the basis for defining the larger bioregion known as Cascadia. Good luck figuring out what a bioregion is though as it is unique in that the designation of a bioregion can only be self-applied by those within. The borders of a bioregion are determined by environmental features such as watersheds but also by cultural borders. So in the case of Cascadia, the bioregion is determined by the Columbia AND by the culture of the Pacific Northwest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Northwest

    Check out the Cascadia Bioregional Independance Movement!

    In my opinion, North America (and the world) would be much better served by being politically divided into federated self-governing state bioregions as opposed to sometime arbitrary and idiosyncratic lines. This would bring us more in line with the EU. As a Canadian living in Victoria less than 30km from the American San Juan Islands, I daily wonder why we have to be so separate though I know it's not very realistic to expect change unless there is a major disturbance on the scale of collapse or similar.

  2. Smack dab in the middle of that region is where the Nez Perce tribe made their home and when looking at this map you could see why.

  3. I logged onto the "MAPPERY.COM" website and was greeted with a warning box stating that the site had been reported as an "attack" site. I am using Linux Ubuntu 12.04 and Firefox. This is only the third time that I've received this type of warning and I usually take them seriously. Might be worth a look!

    1. Sorry for the delay..... I clicked on the source link to get the larger image and the red warning label came up. Checked it just now and still there. Wonder if it is there on all browsers? To be on the safe side I took the banner advice and got out of town.

    2. ??? I just tried. The source link took me to the cartography tumblr. I don't know why you're encountering a ?redirect.

    3. I just now tried searching "mappery.com" in Google, and the autocomplete referenced a virus. So it may be real, but I don't know why it's happening to you.

  4. Hey, that's where I am. Pleasant surprise seeing this post. I have a large 3-d topographical map of the region that I use to show kids the area. They love tracing the Columbia River down from Washington to Oregon.


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