16 January 2011

Wasp nest

We have an old wasp nest stored at our house (and there's one in the woods not far from here that's as big as a beachball, but too high for me to retrieve).  Ours is a rather homogeneous gray, quite a log power less impressive than this one from HarryR's Flickr photostream, found in an attic in the U.K.  His wasps must have had access to a nice variety of pulp materials.


  1. I saw this, and thought, There's a coffee-meringue-pouf dessert called a wasp nest? Yum, WANT!

    What it actually is is nearly as impressive!

  2. I am always fascinated and horrified by turns when I see hornet nests. Left undisturbed, they are an architectural marvel.

    Decades ago I worked at a summer camp. Over on the boys side, two youngsters tossed pebbles at a wasp's nest despite repeated warnings not to do so. Both lads were soon retrieved by their parents- stones landed on their target, the angry wasps stung them on their faces, their eyes were swollen shut and neither cared about canoeing, lanyards or campfires after that.

  3. Reminds me of the fantastic layered sandstone canyon country of Southern Utah.


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