27 January 2011

A top new model. Male model.

... 19-year old Andrej Pejic is not your usual male model as you can see from these pictures showing his two starring turns on the catwalk this past week for Jean Paul Gaultier.

The gorgeous blonde Veronica Lake ringer in gold and furs at Gaultier's menswear show? Pejic. The beautiful hourglass bride at the finale of Gaultier's haute couture show in Paris, resplendent in ruffled tulle and feather headdress? Pejic again.
More at the Telegraph.


  1. Androgyny is fun to play with, but I'm really just kind of sad that the feminine ideal is so distorted that a skinny man can play the role. Narrow hips, flat chest, extremely low body fat, wide shoulders, height, long legs - these are all things that are naturally more present in the male body than in the female. (Yes, on average men have proportionally longer legs than women.) I wonder if we'll end up seeing more men standing in as the ideal woman in the future. How depressing.

  2. @Mel, what a bizarre thing to be depressed about. It seems a bit naive and facile to suggest that gender expression or the ideal body or the ideal model are binary choices between curvy women or athletic men. This is a heteronormative view of the world that the LGBT community recognises as redundant.

    Women can be stick figure or voluptuous, blonde or brunette. Equally men can be hirsute or smooth, slim or built. They can have tattoos or porcelain skin. Afros or shaved heads. The notion of an ideal is surely anachronistic.


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