22 January 2011

Eight sisters

Whatever genes control facial morphology must have had strong penetrance in this set of children.  From Shorpy, where they are identified as "Les soeurs Gaudreau de Stanbridge East, QC, 1912. Unknown photographer."


  1. They all look a bit startled, though I wonder if that's a side effect of posing for the camera. Very very pretty bunch of girls.

  2. The children's eyes look very familiar but I can see the differences in the older girls. This is similar to my family; we were all born 4 years apart and looked very similar as young children but look very difference as adults. I'm not sure if the change is genetic or environmental, which can be observed in identical twins. As a side note environmental change in twins is pretty interesting to look into, or anything regarding twins for that matter.

  3. In reply to comment #1: I believe their startled looks may indeed have had to do with posing. Many cameras from that era required quite a long exposure. They likely would have been told to try not to blink; and the natural reaction when trying not to blink is to stare wide-eyed. You saw this a lot with portraits, esp. those old shots of Civil War soldiers and miners headed to the gold rush.

  4. Can you imagine the amount of ironing that would have to be done daily in this household? I realize they wouldn't wear party frocks everyday, but honestly.

    Sitting still was part of the look, but when the powder in the flash went off, it made a pretty startling sound as well.

  5. Back to the girls, ladies, women...
    They're absolutely gorgeous! Every SINGLE one of them, with or without bright eyes, wide eyes or closed- as they sadly are now, I am extremely sad to even say..
    God BLESS ALL of you pretty sweet Sisters!


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