21 January 2011

Prize-winning photomicrography

Living Licmophora juergensii on red alga, together with the diatom Cocconeis and filamentous cyanobacterial colonies. Licmophora cells can move to locate a place with suitable light exposure. They then produce a mucilaginous stalk for fixation on the substratum. Multi-layer image captured using differential interference contrast. Sample collected from Bodden, the brackish waters lying between the isles of Hiddensee and Rugia (German Baltic Sea).
This image comes from the Olympus BioScapes 2010 Winners Gallery.  Dozens of other fantastic photographs at the link.

Photographer: Wolfgang Bettighofer, Kiel, Germany.  Via MSN.


  1. Is that word correct? Perhaps it is and I've just not heard of it. My first impression was that it should be "microphotography".

    Why do I let little things such as this distract me from such a beautiful photo? It keeps me from having total enjoyment. :(

  2. It is technically correct. A "microphotograph" on the other hand is a very very small photograph - like a microdot.

    But sometimes microphotograph is used in place of photomicrograph.


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