19 January 2011

Filming locations for The Third Man

Yesterday, when I posted the final scene from The Third Man, I asked if anyone knew the name of the street where it was filmed.  Chemsolver identified it as a street in "Wiener Zentralfriedhof," the main cemetery in Vienna.  He also appended a link to a remarkable resource for film buffs.

Location Shots in Vienna of The Third Man (1949) correlates scenes from the movie with recent photos of the locations.  Over a hundred stills from the movie are presented, with current information when available, including some continuity mistakes noted in the movie, some commentary ("The current buildings replacing them are supremely boring examples of architecture, only slightly better than the rubble they replaced..."), and up-to-date photos when possible.  The website seems to be an ongoing project with some locations remaining to be identified.  Nicely done.


  1. It's on Netflix Watch Now - I started it last night and will probably finish it over the weekend.

    I've always wanted to watch this film - I spent my year abroad in Vienna and then we spent our honeymoon there five years later. I love that city.

  2. how do you watch a movie in multiple sittings? that would drive me crazy.

    1. Pretend you're watching the fiftieth episode of Mad Men...


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