19 January 2011

Hold your breath while you watch this video

A brief segment from the BBC's The Human Planet series, the trailer for which is here.  Remember while comparing your breathhold time to his, that he is performing significant aerobic work (and you are as sessile as a barnacle).

Via The Culturist and 22 Words.


  1. I got about half way through the video so that's less than half of 2.5 mins. It made me realise I haven't swam in years.

  2. 1. I got about a minute through, then someone said something and I had to pause the video. So I took a breath.
    2. That man has the whitest feet I've ever seen.

  3. At 1:42 the narrator says that by now the co2 levels in his blood force him to breathe, but he has to surpress the instinct. But this is ridiculous if he can hold his breath for 5 minutes as said at the end. Untrained people perhaps have this urge after one and a half minute (see RP's comment). He is very well adapted and this urge really would only arise after 5 minutes or so, since this is his maximum.

  4. I have seen free divers hunting at around 20 meters depth near Cozumel. I, of course, stayed down much longer and went much deeper than they did. Maybe the SCUBA I was wearing helped me a bit, though.


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