27 January 2011

"Sex Madness" (1938)

 Sex Madness (1938) is an exploitation film directed by Dwain Esper, along the lines of Reefer Madness, supposedly to warn teenagers and young adults of the dangers of venereal diseases, specifically syphilis. Wild parties, lesbianism, and premarital sex are some of the forms of "madness" portrayed. The "educational" aspect of the film allowed it to portray a taboo subject which was otherwise forbidden by the Production Code of 1930, and its stricter version imposed by Hollywood studios in July 1934. The film has fallen into the public domain and can be freely downloaded from the Internet Archive. It has been reissued under many titles, including Human Wreckage, They Must Be Told, and Trial Marriage.
I've not watched it.  If you decide to do so, please feel free to leave mini-reviews in the Comments section.

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