18 January 2011

Men crying

With all the generally negative comments that have recently been directed toward John Boehner for his propensity to tear up, I thought this would be an appropriate time to post this video compilation of men crying in movies.  It's an impressive assemblage - although I do think the final one breaks the otherwise reasonably dignified tone of most of the selections.

Via 22 Words.

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  1. Best man-crying scene ever, IMHO, is the devastating final scene in the 1970 film "Boys in the Band":


    It starts about 1:55 in.

    "If we could just learn not to hate ourselves quite so very much..."

    The brilliant Kenneth Nelson (as Michael) and Frederick Coombs (as his friend Donald) both later died of AIDS, as did three other members of the cast.

    The film--which came out over a decade before AIDS and only a year after the 1969 Stonewall riots that marked the beginning of the modern gay rights movement (although the play from which it was made opened in 1968)--is rather dated and always was somewhat over the top dramatically, but its absolutely uncompromising emotional honesty far surpasses anything I've seen in the movies for some time.

    The entire cast deserves some kind of retrospective major recognition for their extraordinary courage.

    --Swift Loris


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