29 January 2011

Lichtenstein Castle

Not identified by name when it was posted at Pixdaus by Habub 3; the associated tags suggest it is somewhere in Germany.

Addendum:  Hat tips to Turi and A. Fischer for identifying this beautiful structure as Lichtenstein Castle.
Historically there has been a castle on the site since around 1200. It was twice destroyed, once in the Reichskriegs war of 1311 and again by the city-state of Reutlingen in 1381... The romantic Neo-Gothic design of the [current] castle was created by the architect Carl Alexander Heideloff [in 1840-42].


  1. Google Goggles claims it's Lichtenstein castle, which is in Germany.

  2. Turi, how did you find out so quickly (what kind of google search did you do?)

  3. He mentioned Google Goggles, which is here -


    - and is new to me. I've used TinEye but it only finds identical photos, and that with only a modicum of success.

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lichtenstein_Castle it definitely is...

  5. Been there a couple of times - it's a pretty little castle, even if very small (the photos make it look bigger than it is). Also note that it was built to look old, kind of like Neuschwanstein.


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