07 January 2011

"Creep" covered by Chrissie Hynde/The Pretenders

This is my third post about the song, which has become sort of an earworm for me.  I missed it when it was first released by Radiohead twenty years ago; apparently its recent popularity is in part attributable to its use in the trailer for the movie The Social Network (sung by the Kolacny Brothers' Scala choir, but bowdlerized for film audiences by replacing the f-word with the adjective "very.")


  1. Twenty years ago!

    Nevertheless thanks for your blog

  2. As I sit here in Akron, Ohio I can't help but be proud of one of Akron's own, Chrissie Hynde. One of the truly unique, female rock voices ever. That song truly showcases her talent. Thanks, Stan.

  3. 'They' = The Pretenders? The song used in the Social Network trailer is performed by a choir that makes a habit of covering songs in that style, and I know there is at least an uncensored version here:

  4. Nate, sorry for the ambiguity. By "they" I meant the movie producers. The film version (or at least the trailer version) is sung by the Kolachy brothers' Scala choir. They do sing it with original lyrics -


    - but were apparently asked to modify the wording by the Hollywood producers or whoever makes those decisions.

    Wording of post modified. Thanx.

  5. A special one for me. I always appreciate it when you post a version.

  6. They should have used this version. So much passion!

  7. BTW, Radiohead themselves recorded a radio-friendly version with the v-word replacing the f-word and even included it as a bonus track on the Pablo Honey album. Still, much like Cee Lo singing "forget you", we all know what they're really saying.

  8. This is a version of Jon Brion doing Creep as Tom Waits.


  9. Hey folks,
    Check this version out.

    Cheers from Brazil,


  10. Minnesotastan, since the redesign of your wonderful blog, I haven't been able to view it properly. I have an iMac and youtube embeds have covered the text since you did the redesign. Also, once I click a video, I can't get it to stop or alter the audio.

  11. Check out Prince's version of this from his headlining Coachella performance in 2008. Very cool!


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