04 January 2011

Deep snow. Really deep snow. Now with video.

 The location depicted is in the Japanese Alps:
The section of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route linking the Tateyama station and Ogizawa only open from mid April to November, the reason for this hiatus is wintry snow, snow on this section reaches a thickness of 20 meters the most amazed of all is that in mid-April, much of the snow still lingers, so you have to make real corridors of ice to get through that stretch.
For those wondering (like me) how the snow is cleared from this road, this video shows the equipment needed.

Posted for Richard and Dottsie, who got the brunt of the 30" snowfall that hit northern New Jersey this week.

Text credit Genjutsu.  Photo via Gizmodo.

Addendum:  A hat tip to Karl, who found at Vimeo a video taken while driving through the "snow corridor."  I had no idea it was so long.  But what startled me was that where there are no pull-off lanes, drivers just stop and park their cars in the road. (!)


  1. Fascinating video, though I wonder why they had to throw in '80s cool jazz as a soundtrack.

  2. I agree the music was a bit curious. At a Reddit thread it was called "porno music."

  3. An excavator and a really powerful snowblower? Wow, I was let down finding out the truth about that one! I guess the super snow blower is cool, though...

  4. Wowee, that's huge. Would be impressive to see in person. The music was pointless though, along with the snap-back to some roof...lol

  5. I believe (not sure about this) that the "roof" is the resort hotel that is at the end of the road and the reason it is excavated.

  6. And if you wonder what it is to be driving into it. Welcome to your favorite shoot them up game.


  7. Love this blog. I've read it almost daily for over a year. But the pictures & videos don't position correctly with the new format (I'm using Safari 5.0.3). Sometimes they cover the text, so it's more than an aesthetic problem.

  8. Thank you, anon. I just opened the blog in Safari and I see what you're talking about. Seems to be almost entirely misplaced YouTube videos.

    I don't know what to do about it. I'm using a template from Blogspot that I haven't modified except for column width and font colors and such.

    I may try changing that background image to see if that's contributing to the problems. Or maybe try a different template altogether.

  9. Curious. I'm also using Safari 5.0.3 and have no problems.

  10. Dabris, did you try scrolling down the page to earlier posts? Still no problems?

    Thanx in advance,



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