18 March 2009

Sheep outfitted with LEDs. And cat herding.

This is quite obviously a viral advertisement for Samsung, but it is well done and funny. (via)

It reminds me of the "Cat Herding" video which I blogged last fall, but is so good that I'll reinsert it here. Enjoy.


  1. I think this is hilarious! I guess you'd call these guys catboys! :-D

  2. The cat-herding video wasn't viral: it was from the Super Bowl a few years back. (And is sort of a failed commercial in that we all remember the commercial but not who it was for.)

  3. Those hombres weren't lying. Herding cats is a strenuous arduous task and can be dangerous.

    On the Nebraska-Wyoming border where the cats feed upon the prairie dog population the weather is the biggest danger followed by tornadoes then rattlesnakes and then there are the felines themselves.

    When a cat turns bad those fangs and claws are wicked and being so far from medical facilities infections have taken out hands in three day's time.


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