29 March 2009

Rampant crime persists in Montana

It's been a month since I blogged about the situation in Montana. Things appear to be getting worse. Here are some recent entries from the Best of the Bozeman Chronicle Police Reports:

- Officers checking a vehicle that was pulling in and out of driveways around 11 p.m., on Boylan Road discovered the driver was a pizza delivery boy.

- Many items were missing from an unlocked residence on Cahill Street but it turned out that a neighbor took some clothes to wash them.

-A woman called about a stuffed Easter bunny in the middle of 19th Avenue. She was concerned someone would try to get the bunny and be hit by a car.

-A man was “acting weird and creeping out an employee” at a South 23rd Avenue store.

- A resident of South Third Avenue wanted to speak with an officer regarding a mouse she had found in her kitchen.

- A caller reported seeing a vehicle driving westbound on West Garfield Street with a hand sticking out of the trunk. A Montana Highway Patrol officer said he’d seen the same vehicle with a rubber arm hanging out of it last week.

- A caller wanted police to check to see if a friend of hers was drinking.

- The buyer of a used truck called the private seller and threatened him because he was upset after the seller took the license plates off the truck at the buyer’s business. The seller had forgotten to remove them before the sale was final.

- A dispatcher receiving a 911 call heard several people talking about eating ham. When the dispatcher called back, a person said there was no emergency.

- An officer stopped for a woman on South 13th Avenue who appeared to be flagging her down. The woman said she was just waving to say hello.

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