27 March 2009

Desert bloom

After posting the "drunken animals" clip (below), I looked for additional clips from the source film "Animals are Beautiful People," and found the one above. "Sivatagi" seems not to be a place; as best I can tell it's Hungarian for "desert." The movie was filmed in subtropical Africa, so the desert depicted is probably the Kalahari or the Namib, or a combination (not that it matters). What I found interesting was that the flowers depicted (presumably in the springtime or post-rains) included prominent displays of asters, which in our climate are fall-blooming perennials. Perhaps in other climes asters bloom in other seasons.

A pleasant video to watch as those of us in the Upper Midwest await the full bloom of spring.

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful! The daisies blooming in the dry, cracked mud!

    Spring will come to Minnesota. Eventually.


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