28 March 2009

Barcelona, 1908

Ride through the streets of Barcelona a century ago, sitting on the front of a trolley. See what urban life was like in the era before cars and trucks and vans and buses dominated the streets.

The behavior of the people is a little unusual because they can obviously see the movie cameras mounted on the front of the tram. Ignore those (cheerful) shenanigans and just enjoy the ride...

I'm not suggesting it was a "better" time. It was different. But it was better in some ways.

If your connection speed, monitor, and browser permit, I highly suggest clicking on the "fullscreen" icon at the lower right, sitting back, and enjoying these images.

Found at Dark Roasted Blend.


  1. Very interesting glimpse of Spanish life 100 years ago.
    Better? No. Slower paced? Yes. Different? Yes.

    But notice that it was a man's world on the street. Not one girl on a bicycle.

  2. That's so beautiful. I would love to walk down those streets while watching these images on a camera or iphone.
    And as for those shenanigans? I don't know if it's just because the people are so excited about the video camera, but I've never seen random townspeople that joyous and celebratory. Maybe the world has become more cynical, or maybe I just need to visit Spain ;)

  3. I watched it on another site. I was surprised at how many bicycles there were, and how they cut in front of the trolley. Some boys are wearing smock-like clothes. I wonder if they were apprentices?

  4. Strange how there are so many more men than women.

    And by the way I don't think they were pushing the camera on a trolley. there are tram rails on the ground in front of it so I'm guessing the camera was simply put on the front of a tram.

  5. Thanks for the trip back in time!

    PS- That could be a relation- we both have the same last name...


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