26 March 2009

Intertwined legs

Normal for a slender child, but an arresting image nevertheless.

Click to enlarge. Credit here, via.

(Is "intertwined" a redundant term? "twined" apparently means the same thing - but it sounds vaguely inadequate... And "inter"twined makes it sound like the legs of two different people; maybe I need an entirely different word...)


  1. I feel the same way about "reiterate"

  2. Well, I used to do that and my dad called it "Spagetti Legs", feel free to use that.

  3. What about 'flammable' versus 'inflammable'?
    And if someone is 'inept', can a more competent individual be simply 'ept'? (I think the girl in the photo is pretty ept, actually. Lovely photo, too).

  4. I do this all the time when engrossed in reading. And I'm no slender child, but a 60-year-old 180-pound man.


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