30 March 2009

"Nature, red in tooth and claw..."

Turtles may be cute, but they are also predators...


  1. Snapping turtles? They are vicious!

  2. that is not even a really big one either.

  3. That is not a snapping turtle; the shell is too smooth. It is probably a tropical river turtle from South America or SE Asia.

    What a cool beast!

  4. A turtle et' my little brother.

    I didn't tell Ma or Pa since with 11 kids in the 3 room shanty none of us really missed him and there was more food at meal time.

    Ma noticed he was gone around 4 years later but I said he had to do chores after school for behavin' poorly and that was the end of that.

    Ma and Pa and most of the younguns' just forgot about him but I can still hear the screams until the water stopped them.


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