10 March 2009

Bridge vs. truck(s)

Bridge wins - 8-0 !

Apparently filmed somewhere in Canada. One wonders whether the signage was incorrect, or whether the road had recently been resurfaced with a few additional inches of asphalt.

Found at Titam et le Sirop d'Érable


  1. The minimum height for most trucks is 12' 6". Obviously this give 6" to 8" of clearance for the vehicle in case of bouncing or a slightly higher than normal ride for an unloaded truck. 11' 8" will do that to almost any truck so I feel the signage is correct.

  2. I was fascinated by this as it seems to be a regular occurrence, yet there seems to be nothing to stop it occurring.
    Here in Britain, I used to travel a route with a notorious low bridge on it, it claimed a number of trucks and buses, (because we tend to stack our buses vertically...) over a couple of years they tried hanging lengths of plastic pipe about a hundred yards from the bridge... truckers seemed not to notice.. light beams and illuminated signs were a bit more effective, then came the ALMIGHTY JANGLE! Any vehicle passing the hanging-pipe curtai, then the light beam, set off a truly horrendous clanging, sirens, howls, flashing lights.... It worked very well. As did enforcement of a diversion for tall vehicles.
    This bridge, I think, is not in Canada, but in Davenport, Iowa.
    "56 Number of times bridges were hit between June 2003 and July 15.

    25 Number of times the Brady Street bridge was hit in that time period.

    19 Number of times the Harrison bridge was hit in that time period.

    12 Number of times the Main Street bridge was hit in that time period."

  3. I don't know the location for sure. I was going by this comment at "Maple Syrup": Oui, Canadien je crois, le premier camion qui se prend le pont est un camion de location Ryder, société canadienne basée à Mississauga, ON.

    Perhaps they are Canadians driving in Iowa.

    Doesn't matter.

  4. Looks like Montreal and typical of MTL


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