21 April 2020

"We already do this"

Social distancing in men's rooms has been going on for generations.  Via.


  1. THAT was brilliant. Some people just don't understand men. If there is a small garbage can so male bathroom users can open the door with a paper towel (in order to not get germs on your hand, a man likely thought of that one.

    Another of my pet peeves is to have a restaurant with a lot of tables available...but the waiters sits you right beside another family.

  2. Wouldn't it be more logical to close the second and fourth? Then there a three open in stead of only two.

    1. In the discussion thread at the source the photographer noted that the array was longer than shown in the photo.

  3. Covering every other urinal serves more than one purpose. Bathroom social distancing may already be a thing, but if cleaning staff has been cut back during shutdown or if the facility is trying to limit the amount of contaminated surfaces that employees have to clean, this is a good solution.


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