29 April 2020

Librarian in lockdown

Via Miss Cellania.


  1. Just as good a way to stay busy in lock-down mode!!

  2. My wife is a librarian, she will love this.

    That must be the thinnest copy of "It" I've ever seen... 😉

  3. two local libraries are 'open'. they will lend anything they have in house. the usual check the online catalog, call / email in your requests along with your library card, set up an appointment, call when you are there, they leave the books (in a bag) out on a chair by the front door.

    unfortunately, everything i want would be an ILL; that has been stopped for now.


  4. Funny, "On the Beach" has been on my mind during the pandemic. It's been many years since I read it, but as I recall it provokes some interesting thoughts on mortality.


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