08 April 2020

Coping with a bad situation

Physicians identifying themselves to their patients (cropped for size from the via), and below an adaptation for working with lip-reading deaf and hard-of-hearing patients (via).


  1. I work in emergency rooms frequently, but (thankfully) don't work directly with COVID patients - they don't need social workers yet. We all wear masks though, and I wear one when I'm working in the community as well. I've taken to just writing my name in the corner, just to personalize it.

    It's worth noting that these things are terrible - if you have a big head (I do) then the ear loops pull on your ears and start to hurt after awhile. If you wear glasses (I do) then they fog up like crazy if you don't keep your mask on just right. I hear the lucky few with N95s don't have the glasses problem. I can only imagine the face shields are bad that way if you're also gowned up. I get to wear street clothes - though I envy those in scrubs some days.

    These are problems I did not anticipate six months ago.

    1. Ben, there are a variety of things like this available -


      - to take pressure off the ear.


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