23 April 2020

Sweden is now coal-free. Two years ahead of schedule.

"Power utility Stockholm Exergi has announced the permanent closure of coal-fired co-generation plant KVV6, in Hjorthagen, eastern Stockholm.  The Scandinavian country had planned to rid itself of coal by 2022 but appears to have decommissioned its facilities two years early...

With the KVV6 plant closure announced on Thursday, the move appeared to come a day ahead of the closure of Austria’s last coal plant, the Mellach district heating plant, on Friday. Belgium was the first European nation to exit coal, in 2016...

Other European nations plan to exit coal in the next few years. France expects to shut its last coal-fired facility by 2022, Slovakia and Portugal in 2023, the U.K. in 2024 and Ireland and Italy a year later. Euro neighbors Greece, the Netherlands, Finland, Hungary and Denmark also plan to ditch coal-fired power generation this decade, in line with Paris Agreement climate commitments.

Against ‘relentless’ competition from solar and wind power, the financial case for coal is becoming incrementally worse."


  1. Because Sweden incinerates its waste for energy instead of recycling.

  2. The read cited above is informative. Interesting that it seems that burning trash for energy actually causes more emissions of CO2 than coal. Coal certainly has other pullutants that are unhealthy, but CO2 is the long term climate-altering villain.

    I also note that Sweden gets about 35% of its energy from nuclear power. Not necessarily a bad thing...

  3. Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk11vI-7czE

    1. And if you plan to watch that, read this critique of it first:



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