22 April 2020

Note these protesters are not demanding to go back to work

They want YOU to go back to work.  Discussion thread here.


  1. Well, you want those people to stay unemployed. Who's wrong?

    Food banks are getting slammed, rent and utilities are going unpaid, people are going hungry, crime is up, and the best you have are a few cherry picked pictures that indulge your prejudices towards Trump voters? I've been fortunate enough to keep a paycheck in all this, but I've also had to go and stock up on non-perishables to give to friends who are unemployed with kids. It's horrifying, and this kind of bemused derision is doing nothing but ensuring that Trump gets a second term out of sheer malice.

    You can still support social distancing while having compassion for the people whose lives are disrupted by this disaster. But this moral posturing is making a bad situation worse.

    1. Personally I have abundant compassion for people whose lives have been disrupted either by illness or by financial disruptions. I do not have compassion for the people portrayed in the composite photo. They are the ones who are insensitive.

    2. BTW, I need a haircut too. But I'm not going to bitch publicly about a minor annoyance while others are suffering.

    3. It's not a minor annoyance if you're the one cutting hair, giving massages, cleaning teeth, or running the golf course. Even if it's tawdry, these guys are trying to get them back in business. All you have to offer is sympathy.

      This isn't just you. There's a general theme of derision among the population of Americans who enjoy the ability to work from home that is going to bite you in the rear come election day. You can try to split hairs and say that you aren't making fun of all unemployed, but that nuance is ALWAYS lost the bigger a conversation gets. Right now your message is: "Only dumb rednecks want to open the economy." It's satisfying if you've got a paycheck, but for the millions of newly unemployed and vulnerable, it's infuriating.

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