25 April 2020

Divertimento #178

When your phone catches fire in your pants pocket
These boxes are not moving (awesome optical illusion)
Extremely interesting latch for a sliding door
Baby trying to stand up in the womb
Flamethrowing drone burns debris off power line
Stop-motion video with playing cards

Nature and Science
Honeycomb welo opal
Space shuttle thermal tiles are designed to not conduct heat
Timelapse of ten hours of work to release a fossil
Waves rippling over sand is oddly satisfying
When you burn steel wool, it gets heavier
Security cam footage of auditorium in a tornado

Coronavirus task force shows how to transmit coronavirus
The streets of Venice before and after coronavirus
"Quarantine day 69"
An example of "humans being bros"
Airline pilot working from home
The most covidiotic covidiot I've seen yet
European air traffic before and after coronavirus
Madison man offers unfriendly response to coronavirus protesters

Ferrett wants to show you her babies
Rat turns the tables on a cat
30 hummingbirds bathing
Dog with two legs - on the same side -  is a happy dog
This girl was lucky she was wearing a brassiere
Elephant uses a tool to clean between its toes
Foster dog wants you to be covered by your blankie
Learning motor control takes time

Girl hides in school locker for prank, but chooses the wrong locker
"I saw nothing"
Idiot farting around on a bowling alley
Too much pepper on your egg?  Vacuum it off.

Impressive or clever
Finger tricks to pull on little kids
Henna art
There are more crabs at the beach than you realize
Cat prevents baby from falling down stairs
Clever trick explained in the comment thread
Immense paper plane
Boy and girl demonstrate a dance move
Girls ankle transplanted to become a knee (rotationplasty explained at M.D. Anderson)
Tool for grafting trees

Sports and athleticism
Soccer move you will need to replay a couple times.  With a victory dance.
Next-level beach volleyball

Humorous or cheerful
Bird hoards toilet paper
Security cam: girl finds out she is being adopted
Dog loves coming home to his bed

Today's embedded images are photos of prey impaled by shrikes.  Credit Rachel Hopper, from an impressive gallery at Audubon.


  1. The current air traffic map looks surprisingly busy:


  2. I love these divertimentos so much! They are a light onto a dark time. Keep feeding us, please!

  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrike

  4. Hah! That confused me for a second as well. I thought "shrike" was a local term for barbed wire.

  5. So that's where Leatherface got the idea from...

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