01 April 2020

Divertimento #177

These blocks of color are not alternating their movements
Tourist posing in perilous location.  Photographer inexplicably says "More, cmon."  WTF.
A woman handing out brochures
10-hour barn raising compressed to 20 seconds
These spinning circles are not changing size
Lady rescues a dog
Woman refuses traffic ticket

Nature and Science
Milky Way + Aurora Borealis
Chicken developing in an open egg
Using ice water to boil hot water
Coronavirus compared to SARS, Ebola, Swine flu (clipped from this video)

An acorn woodpecker filled this antenna unit with hundreds of pounds of acorns
Man removes bucket from a bear's head
Sheep cavorting on hay bales
A "roller pigeon"
Sea slug
How to summon emus
Parasites removed from a hornet 
Crinkly bags have different sounds
Beach towel removed from carpet python
Trail camera set up by log over a creek

Mountain bike fail
Mommy regrets wearing skirt on a slide

Impressive or clever
Tornado touching down in traffic
Sand art
Mime with a balloon
Using a drone to screw in a ceiling light bulb
How to moonwalk 
How to organize nails in a box

Sports and athleticism
Little girl gets long running start to kick a ball.
Rock climber using a "knee bar" to rest his arms
Toddlers display impressive balance
Railbiking (on abandoned railway)
Bowling trick shot

Humor or cheerful
Dog realizing he's being adopted
Dog working out on treadmill 
North Dakota girls shooting basketballs from half court (sound on for "no way")
Dog fails every test in service dog training
"You have to eat mommy's cooking"

 The images embedded in this gif-dump are selections from this year's competition for the European Tree of the Year.  The competition is not a beauty competition or really a photography competition - the winner is chosen in large part because there is an interesting story about the tree.  You can read those stories (and the identities/locations of the trees) at the link.


  1. re: Coronavirus compared to SARS, Ebola, Swine flu - the full video by Youtuber Abacaba from which that gif was clipped is worth a watch for more context.


    1. Thank you, Dan. I'll add your link up above

    2. Follow up video from Abacaba with newer data and more analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnQcbAKWkPE

    3. Interesting. But a lot of his analysis depends on the accuracy of the Hubei data, which can be questioned.

  2. Minnesotastan, I don't thank you enough for taking the time to share so many wonderful and interesting things that enrich our lives. Thank you! Seriously.

    1. You're quite welcome - and I appreciate the compliment.

  3. OMG re: the woman who 'resisted' arrest ~ Ya can't cure stupid!!!


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