12 April 2020

Simple number puzzle

This image circulated widely this past week, claiming to be a puzzle that was "stumping the internet."  I suspect that most readers here can solve it in their heads in a couple minutes.  It's actually a dumbed-down version of the classic board game Mastermind

For those who can't figure it out, the answer is here.


  1. My guess is 0-4-2. It took me a while and I'm still not sure it's the only possible answer.

  2. Spoilers, since people have already posed the correct answer down here:
    None of the digits are 7, 3, or 8, due to the fourth clue.
    6 cannot be a correct digit because it can't be in the correct location in the first clue and also in the incorrect location in the second clue if both show it in the first location.
    Since 6 and 8 have been eliminated, 2 is the third digit, due to the first clue.
    Due to the third clue, 2 and 0 are correct digits, 6 having been previously eliminated. 2 has already been determined to be in the last place, and 0 cannot be in the second place, so 0 is the first digit.
    In the second clue, 1 cannot be correct, since it would have to be in either the first or second place which are already occupied by 0 and 2, so 4 is the second digit.
    The fifth clue is not even needed.


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