21 April 2020

Humor scrapbook, part X

This is the final installment of material from my old "humor" scrapbook.  The content varies from priceless to junky (especially the case with humor, which often doesn't age well), but there's no time to sort things out or curate the content (which may include material from the 1970s that would be "politically incorrect" nowadays).  This grouping includes some of my old favorites, including the continental drift cartoon.

The text on "scrapbook" pages can be very difficult to read. One possible workaround is to right-click on a page to open it in a new tab, then zoom the image on that tab.


  1. Those poor Barbi twins!

  2. I appreciate you sharing these over he past several weeks. I'm glad you didn't just share 'the good ones'. It's like the the most minor version of voyeurism possible. Thank you!

    1. And thank you for the comment. The advantage to me is that it allowed me to disencumber myself of heavy scrapbooks (into the trash), while still retaining access to the material when I'm old(er) and have forgotten it.

      Now I have to decide re old family and travel photos and college memorabilia etc.


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