05 April 2020

"Accelerationist’ groups aim to sow chaos" during the pandemic

Excerpts from a disturbing article in The Guardian:
The watchdog group the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) raised the alarm last week about opportunism from far-right so-called “accelerationist” groups who believe sowing chaos and violence will hasten the collapse of society, allowing them to build a white supremacist one in its place.
Late last month, the FBI warned such extremist groups were encouraging members to deliberately spread the virus to Jewish people and police officers. Similarly, British hate monitors Hope Not Hate warned these groups are expressing “gleeful expectation of social turmoil”...

One channel issued an eight-point plan for “the boog” – a term used on the far right to denote what they believe to be a looming civil war. Their advice included acts of terrorism and sabotage and asks people to “encourage locals to join your cause, if have to do it by force”, and “attack key locations for federal entities, NATO outposts, and military presence”...

An SPLC researcher, Cassie Miller, said these groups have always talked about ways that western democracies might be destabilized, but “this time the political opportunity has come to them. They haven’t had to do anything to sow chaos at this point.

“They’re saying, ‘see, this is what we told you. Modern society is unsustainable. It is eventually headed towards collapse’,” Miller added. “And they think that they’re going to be the revolutionary vanguard that is going to be in place to handle the situation when it eventually breaks down.”


  1. They're luck someone like me isn't in charge, I'd hunt them down a purge them from society.

  2. Many of these "groups" are actually foriegn (mainly Russian) trolls attempting to sow division in the U.S. they also have far- left posters who try to get people on the right fired up.


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