02 April 2020

This is called "quarantine coffee"

Combine these ingredients, and then leave out the coffee.  Via.


  1. IMHO, leave out the Tequila and lime, too. Cointreau will suffice. Perhaps some ice.

  2. You can also do this with rum!

    Rum + ginger ale - coffee. :)

  3. ugh - who wants limes in the morning??? i take my mug, fill it 1/2 with a good coffee liqueur, add maybe 1/4 vodka to dilute that, fill the rest with whole milk, stir and enjoy!


  4. I've been drinking quarantinis myself. Though I suspect my cabinet is about to throw an Out of Gin error. Fortunately, in Ontario the liquor stores have been declared an essential service.

  5. Are liquor stores being made essential because they are "bread and circuses" that keep the masses happy, or is it about people not dying from the DTs if they can't get their fix?

    (I'm a drinker, so not being critical, just wondering what people think.)

    1. I've seen nothing official (duh) but my friends speculate there is a strong element of your latter suggestion: those who need their alcohol may as well get it while the rest of us are having our morale boosted.


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