14 March 2015

Why must members of Congress fly first class?

Rep. Gwen Graham (D-Fla.) introduced legislation Tuesday that would prevent members of Congress from using taxpayer funds on first-class plane tickets. The bill would also ban lawmakers from using government funds for long-term car leases for personal use.

"It's a commonsense idea that Republicans and Democrats can both agree on: members of Congress shouldn't be able to charge taxpayers for first-class airfare or long-term personal car leases," said Graham, who will likely be one of the most vulnerable House Democrats in the next election cycle.
I cannot conceive of any "commonsense idea that Republicans and Democrats can both agree on," but I wish her the best of luck in pushing this legislation.


  1. It will be successful if was brought up that military members on official travel cannot fly first class (unless using personal miles to upgrade) and Congress does not believe itself to be above the brave troops in uniform, does it?

  2. Why? Because US is the top of the top of the top :) and that must be shown. Who cares about money, when economy is at full power, people are working every day happy. It is a mater of prestige and you guys must be grateful for this opportunity given to you, don't take it for granted. :))

  3. As an enthusiastic conservative and very reluctant Republican, I hope she succeeds with this.


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