30 March 2015

Before the Golden Gate Bridge

A photo from 1935, found at Shorpy (click to embiggen).


  1. That photo is making me have a mental orgasm! Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  2. I'm not sure that's from 1935, the grill on that car looks more like it's from 1936 to me. It looks a bit like a 36 chevy, but the lack of the grille emblem makes me think it might not be a chevy. Maybe a buick or something.

  3. Cool shot. It makes me wonder when states started issuing license plates. I didn't realize they had them back then.

    1. "The first license plates in North America appeared in 1903 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Soon after, other states followed suit, with virtually every state having adopted a form of license plates by 1918."


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