26 March 2015

Fennec fox plays with two girls

Those who found the image of the captive fennec fox disturbing should enjoy this video of a fennec fox interacting with two little girls on his home turf, so to speak.  A hat tip to reader Ellen S. for locating the video.
Its name comes from the Arabic word فنك (fanak), which means fox, and the species name zerda comes from the Greek word xeros which means dry, referring to the fox's habitat.


  1. If only chijuajuas were that cute.

  2. I didn't realize they were so little. It looked like the adult with the girls suggested that sitting still might really work well, and it certainly did! Amazing to see a wild critter dig itself a little nest and lie down next to the girl.

  3. Cute little bugger. I hope every human it meets is as gentle as these girls.


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