26 March 2015

Embrace your birthmarks

As a person born with a prominent birthmark, I've always been interested in how other people handle theirs.  This man accepted his ?vitiligo, and with the addition of some judiciously-placed pen ink, converted it into a map.

Via Neatorama.


  1. I have one on my face. Nearing 60, it has faded and blended with age. It is sort of a souvenir that time is taking away with me. Of course there are other things I miss more, like having a spring in my step without pulling something out of place. Can't complain though, I have friends who aren't going to make this milestone with me.

    1. I share mine with Mikhail Gorbachev -


    2. I had a hard time getting back. I keep following links on your site, lol.

      My birthmark is darkened skin which is not the same as a portwine.

      Other than the birthmark, I am incredibly beautiful and own the Golden Gate Bridge and I had to tell Matthew McConahay that I was too old for him.

      I was surprised by the mark of the beast interpretation as I grew up with religious nuts. In the South, you are required to have an overly opinionated ignoramus in the family or a friend of that sort will be assigned.

      In seriousness, it is sad there are people who have children who are rude to comment. If they are old enough to notice, they are old enough to know people come in different forms. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Matthew 7:3 comes to mind.

  2. I as well have a birthmark on my forehead that seems to be getting larger and darker with age (and more apparent now that my hairline is receding). I am fascinated by the "ink" around the vitiligo! Not sure I'd want that on my face, though. MinnesotaStan, you've done it again! Thanks.


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