18 March 2015

Chance for Northern Lights tonight

The chart above is for last night but there might be a carry-over effect to tonight. 
A St. Patrick’s Day solar storm will send a torrent of green-hued northern lights across much of the United States on Tuesday evening, as a fierce solar storm impacts the Earth’s upper atmosphere.
If the storm holds up at its current strength for the rest of the evening, it could dazzle skywatchers as far south as Dallas and Atlanta, where it may appear low on the horizon. The dancing aurora borealis could be nearly overhead for Seattle, Chicago, and New York City. If it’s clear where you are, go outside. You won’t want to miss it.
For real-time updated forecasts, see the 30-minute forecast at NOAA.


  1. i went out twice last night - at 2300 and at 0400. not a roar, uh, seen or heard.

    p.s. this was at about 41, 71 - pretty far south, but, we have seen aurora borealis here.


  2. Yes, I was out last night about 11-ish to take out the garbage. Our sky was crystal clear, but no aurora at the time, though I couldn't see the north horizon because of the woods behind us. Certainly nothing overhead. At that moment. Tonight I'm going to use the NOAA link, and walk or drive away from the woods if their graphic shows yellow or red above us.


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