28 March 2015

"Let's meet on the corner at 60th and 60th"

If you are in Queens, NY, you have a multitude of choices - 9 intersections and 28 corners by my count.

Image cropped for size from the original at The Land of Maps.


  1. Hickory, NC also has ridiculous road names like this, only worse. They add in compass directions and combine road types, so you get roads like 6th Ave Dr NW and 2nd St Pl NE. I'm pretty sure whoever named the roads there is a horrible sadist.

  2. Amiger, you are SO RIGHT! I once had a meeting at a church in Hickory, made a wrong turn as I left, and had one of the most confusing driving experiences of my life. Doubters? Just put "6th Ave Dr NW, Hickory, NC" into Google Maps and see what pops up!

  3. :-) I live on 68th Road (in Queens). It has three sections. The first is a one block section that is a dead end. The next is a two block section that is a continuation of that 'dead end' segment (and which only got its google street view this year!). The third section is several miles away in another part of Queens. :-) To add to the confusion, the two cross streets for where I live are 60th Road and 60th Lane, which are not connected to any of the streets shown in your map! :-)

  4. While not quite that bad the apartment complex in which I live is located at the corner of 47th St W and 47th Ave. W, kind of cracks me up.


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