14 March 2015

Japanese paradise flycatcher

"A recent survey detected a steep decline in part of the Japanese breeding population which has presumably occurred because of forest loss and degradation in its winter range."  
That seems to be true for everything beautiful and awesome in our natural world.  Our grandchildren will have to be satisfied with jellyfish and cockroaches.

Photo credit: Nobby Clarke.


  1. Fantastic photograph! Who took it?
    They'll probably have Rock Pigeons, House Sparrows, and European Starlings too. Three of the most common (maybe *the* most common) birds in North America and all of them are invasive species brought over from Europe. :/

    1. Oops. I had omitted the attribution. Found a possible credit with a TinEye search, though it's not the photographer's website. Tx for the heads-up.

  2. re-"Our grandchildren will have to be satisfied with jellyfish and cockroaches."

    Research has shown evidence that at least some roaches self regulate their own population numbers.

    As each generation tells the next, 'awww, you just missed it!' - can we stop to consider that 'bearing children who will experience quality of life free of commodity fetishism' is also a natural resource worth preserving?


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