11 September 2011

Woman billed $1,100 for her cavity search

  • The Metro Narcotics Agency had "credible information from a reliable source" that the woman had concealed up to an ounce of heroin, which led to a search warrant on July 1, said Metro Sgt. Mike Alba.
  • The woman was searched at Memorial Medical Center, which then billed her for $1,122.
  • No heroin or any other narcotic was recovered from the exam.
  • The woman was not arrested or charged.
  • The woman had no criminal history in New Mexico.
  • Story from MSN, via Lowering the Bar (a blog of legal humor).


    1. If she wasn't found to be in violation of the law, she can't be charged with a fee for a service she didn't request.
      I never got a bill for a traffic stop when they determined I wasn't drunk but my dumb-ass friends giving directions were.

    2. She wasn't Mrs Buttle/Tuttle by any chance, was she?


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