26 September 2011

Two types of YouTube comments, illustrated

Credit to joeythehobo for the screencap.


  1. Priceless. I've seen the video and it's truly amazing, but I hadn't noticed the comments. You'd have to watch the video then read the heartfelt tribute first to get full appreciation for the second comment. All in one big ball of wax, I mean.

  2. It bugs me how everything you hear about dolphins is positive. You almost never hear about how violent they can be to each other and smaller animals. They take a great deal of pleasure (if you catch my drift) from harassing and even killing smaller dolphin species. They're not the gentle ocean angels people make them out to be. There's a good reason that most dolphins in encounter tanks are female. Two words...'excitable' and prehensile.

  3. "These creatures make college level fluid dynamics seem like child's play."

    Well - no. No more than we make PhD-level motion control feedback systems seem crude each time we get up, turn round and walk to the door.


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