05 September 2011

Another extended break

It will be several days before I can return to blogging.

Image via Duck Soup.


  1. Love the sign.

    Enjoy the break. Looking forward to new posts.

  2. hey, i had one quick question im trying to figure out how blogger works and i didnt know how to send u a message any other way. anyways i noticed u had the categories section on your side bar and i was jus wondering if u will show me how u did it. thank u so much =)

  3. First of all, the blog template has to be set up with a sidebar to work with. Your shortyzblog does have one.

    Next go to your "layout" page at Blogger. At the top of the right sidebar should be "add a gadget."
    Click that.

    Scroll through the 24 choices until ou see "labels." Click the "+" sign.

    That should do it. After it's added, you can move it up or down, above or below other things.

    Before you leave the Layout page you have to click "save", if I remember correctly.

  4. we will allow it this time but next time you better have a note from your mother!

  5. No problem. I'm actually using this time to do stuff with/for her!



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